About Me:

Hi, I’m Alexandra. I’m a professional photographer based in South-West London. I have a degree in Art and Commercial Photography and more than 10 years’ experience taking magical photographs.

I specialise in Maternity Photography, Child Photography and Family Photography.

I’ll capture your fairy tale with magical photographs!

My Style:

I love romantic portraits sculptured with natural light.

I capture my subjects surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of Nature.

With my portraits of children, I’m looking to display each unique personality.  I strive to capture the innocence and honesty in their eyes, full of dreams and fantasies. I create a fairytale image, a fairy tale in which your children are the lead characters.


My family portraits aim to show the love, joy, the unbreakable bond between you all. They capture those special moments when nothing else matters but your family – the strongest unit in the universe.

In my maternity portraits, I unveil the magical relationship between each woman and Mother Nature. And I capture the intimate love of the partners together and the beauty of creation.


My Inspirations:


My beautiful little daughter Alice with her big blue eyes is my biggest inspiration. She reminds me of my childhood and she’s a great excuse for reading children’s books, playing Lego and watching Disney movies once again.


I am inspired by fairy tales and fantasies, stories of magic, fairies and dragons, princesses and brave knights. I love history and art. I’m fascinated by the kings and queens of the past as well as the art and the fashions of historical epochs.

My Other Work:

Whilst magical, vintage-inspired Maternity, Children and Family Portrait Photography is my biggest passion,

I also have professional experience working as an Interior Photographer and Movie Stills Photographer.